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Tuxedo Black SnapPot® Post Planter Kit

Tuxedo Black SnapPot® Post Planter Kit

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This SnapPot® Post Planter, which has a Patent Pending, is uniquely designed to surround & enhance any mailbox posts and patio/walkway columns. Container gardening with flavor. The SnapPot® Post Planter holds over 16 gallons of potting soil. We recommend putting 1 bag of pea gravel in the bottom and putting 75 lbs of potting soil on top. The SnapPot® comes ready to fit a standard 4''x4'' post. However, if you want it to go around a 6''x6'' Post, simply peel out the plastic spacer. This makes the SnapPot® versatile to fit BOTH sizes of standard posts!! The SnapPot® is big and can hold a lot of flowers! The SnapPot® comes in all Standard Mailbox colors : Black, White, Brown, Gray, and Green. The SnapPot® is made to match these classic colors. The SnapPot® is not designed to support a mailbox post. The SnapPot is a post planter that wraps around a standard 4x4 or 6x6 Post.

- Dimensions (assembled): 24" x 24" x 12.25" H
- Material: HDPE Resin with UV protection
- Central cavity fits Both 4''x4'' and 6''x6'' posts/columns.
- Assembled/Disassembled in seconds. No tools required.

Proudly made in America's Heartland using our very own molding process. 100% MADE in the USA!!

Take a look at us on YouTube: SnapPot

Mailbox and Post not included
Assembly Instructions

Great to use around the tent posts of your next event!

Assembled and Disassembled in seconds- NO tools required

Provides years of beautyText block

Will hold many of you favorite flowers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the SnapPot™ fit a 6x6 post?  

Yes, simply grip the plastic spacer with pliers and peel out the plastic spacer and it will fit a 6x6 or a 4x6 post.

Does the SnapPot™ support a mailbox post?

No, the SnapPot™ does not support a mailbox post or any post. The SnapPot™ wraps around a post, pole, column or small tree.

Do I need to bring my SnapPot™ in for the winter? 

No, the SnapPot™ is made from weather-resistant resin with UV-inhibitors to protect it from the elements.

Is the Mailbox and Mailbox Post included in the SnapPot™ Post Planter Kit?

No, The SnapPot™ Post Planter Kit includes 2 SnapPot™ halves and 6 sets of nylon fasteners to secure the 2 halves together.